Happy holidays

We look back on a tumultuous year. A year also in which MarketResponse evolved into an organisation with internationalization, digitalization, speed and efficiency as a natural starting point.

We achieved this by merging MarketResponse, marketing data specialist 4orange and software developer CMNTY. With seventy specialists, the renewed MarketResponse integrates human expertise and innovative technology. We operate from our offices in Utrecht, Amsterdam and New York.

We cherish our international outlook, but keep an open eye for what happens in our environment. For example, this year we were struck by the alarming results of our research into the well-being of young people in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen (SGF). This research shows that the mental health of young people is not in the best shape. Surveyed adults find performance pressure on young people (very) high (72%) and consider it (very) unhealthy (66%).

As a society, we have a shared responsibility to reduce achievement pressure on young people. This is why we are now donating the amount we set aside annually for corporate gifts and greeting cards to the MIND Foundation. Its youth program MIND Us is committed to mentally healthy youth.

Perhaps your organization too has room to support MIND in some way. That would be great. You can donate here. We look forward to continuing our pleasant cooperation in the coming year. We wish you happy holidays and a successful 2023.

Kind regards,