Announcing CMNTY Platform 6 - Preview 1: CMNTY Pulse


In September we will release CMNTY Platform 6. To introduce you to what is coming, we will be publishing bi-monthly blog articles that highlight one or more features until the official release date. This is part 1 of the series.

Last June, we celebrated the 12th anniversary of CMNTY Corporation. And looking at the statistics, we have released a major update of our platform every 2 years. Following this tradition, I’m happy to announce that our next major release is just around the corner. Say hello to CMNTY Platform 6!

Customer Interviews

Over the past year, we’ve spent a great deal of time visiting our customers to learn how they are using our platform. We combined that information with market trends and our own vision of what the next community platform should look like. From there, we updated our product vision and roadmap.

Key Focus Areas

We concluded that we want the platform to be (1) engaging, (2) insightful and (3) easy to use. All at the same time, complementary to each other.

These are goals that don’t have a clear end-point, but are actually part of an ongoing process. It’s for that reason that CMNTY Platform 6 will mark the beginning of a new era. You will see more frequent updates over time that all cover one or more of the above mentioned 3 focus areas. But of course the first release will already be packed with improvements and new features.


Many of our customers expressed the need for a “moderation tool” that would help them manage their community. But also help derive insights. CMNTY Pulse will be a new part of the platform to help you do just that. With the ultimate goal of it becoming “the heartbeat of your community”.

CMNTY Pulse beta – Final version may look different.

Content Reporting

The initial release of CMNTY Pulse will introduce a better way to handle reported (flagged) content. Any content reported by members will be displayed in a comfortable environment. It will allow moderators to review and take action accordingly. With the ability to enter preset keywords you can even allow CMNTY Pulse to alert you automatically.

Community Member’s Single-Point-of-Truth

A full user profile will be available within CMNTY Pulse that will be a single-point-of-truth for any community member. It’ll include profile information submitted, the groups they belong to and which member referred them to join your community.


Also in this initial release will be the ability to bookmark content. Bookmarking will allow you to find the most important content at a later moment.

CMNTY Pulse will go in BETA for a limited time to allow you to give us feedback, before we officially release it.

Release Date

CMNTY Platform 6 will be released in September 2019. And, once we released the initial version, we will continue to release new features through regular smaller updates like you are used from us.