April 2021 - Product Update


At CMNTY, we strive to offer you the best tools to get your research job done, especially during these tough times. This month’s update is once again packed with solutions to make your research life easier and get you insights faster.

Updated Export to Excel

This month we’ve launched the first improvement of our export module, which exports your data directly to an XLSX file rather than a CSV file. Not only is your file better structured by splitting data across multiple sheets, but we also apply filters on columns so you can start filtering quickly.

Additionally, you can now export content and media files in one export, allowing you to see the direct link between both. Finally, we also introduced a refresh button on the export page itself, which will enable you to get an updated file of an export you’ve created earlier without the necessity to recreate your export.

For now, only the Forum is available as Excel export.

Focus Improvements

We’ve improved Focus on multiple levels. In the set-up phase, we’ve made sure that the scheduling system is now more descriptive to guide you along the way. Furthermore, we allow participants to change their availability on a later date so you can request them for an update, or they can correct a mistake. Also, we made sure that participants can confirm or decline their presence for a session on receiving the invite.

During a session, Focus will save all chat messages in all channels. You can read back the conversations happening in the chat later on. Observers are now also capable of creating moments during a session, which allows them to bookmark important moments which you can review afterward.

When analyzing your session, both you and the observers can see the moments which anyone bookmarked during the session. By viewing these moments, you can get a clear view of what observers found most interesting during the session. Furthermore, all chats can be reviewed at the end of the session and soon be exported to Excel.

What’s Next?

We will continue to improve our exports and ensure all other modules will get an update soon. Next month, we will also introduce the option to blur the background of your video in Focus to increase privacy and introduce noise canceling, which strips away all background noises from participants, improving the quality of audio and transcriptions. Finally, we will introduce the option to link tasks, which will guide participants through assignments in a designated order.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated or is updated within a couple of days with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.