The Blog Module Reimagined


People love being part of your online community and participate in your research assignments. But they also value being kept in the loop. That’s why CMNTY offers a blog module for you to share news, information and updates with members. Thanks to your feedback, this module is now supercharged for your next insights project.

Visually Inspiring and Intuitive

The redesigned module has a strong visual feel to it. It now matches with how our other modules look, and helps increase engagement among members.

The Blog Module has a strong “visual” feel

On a technical side, by pre-caching data and loading images optimized to the size of your device, the module is now much faster. And, through the use of content placeholders we prevent the screen from flickering until all content is loaded. Submitting comments is now faster, snappier and more fun!

Mobile First

The Blog module is now mobile first with a responsive design. It works and responds equally on all devices. This assures a seamless and familiar experience when members switch between any of their devices.

Threaded Comments

With a focus on ease of use, we added threaded comments, a feature borrowed from both the Forum and Challenge modules. Threading allows members to quickly reply to each other and have discussions within discussions.

Threaded comments within the blog module

With the option to sort on newest, oldest or recent activity, members are now in full control. They can choose their own preferred sorting method for all threads.

Mark-up Toolbar

We added the new mark-up toolbar, so members can now express their comments with more visual elements. This will allow you to gather richer content.


For easier interaction between members, we’ve added @-mentioning. Just type @ and select the name of person you want to mention. The member will receive a notification.


Unread Indicators

Unread indicators aid community members in understanding where they left off reading or which content is new since their last visit to the Blog Module.

The green dot indicates this is new

Task List

The Task List we introduced earlier, is as an easy way to assign tasks to your members while keeping an overview about the ongoing progress. Based on your feedback and the renewal of the Blog module, we made sure that you can now assign a Blog as a task to your members.

CMNTY Pulse Integration

Last but not least, the entire Blog module is now integrated with Pulse, allowing you to collect interesting comments, both manually and automatically. Members can also report inappropriate content which will come up for review in your Pulse dashboard.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated to have the new version of the blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.