Announcing CMNTY Focus | Real-Time Video Chat Module


The market research industry is taking a hit now face-to-face research has become nearly impossible due to COVID-19. Online communities are a great alternative but can’t always replace live interaction between people. That’s why we are announcing something new.

Humanizing Online Interactions

For over a decade, it has been our mission to make CMNTY Platform the go-to solution for online market research and online innovation in any possible situation. Connecting with your members on a human level through the many different interactive modules is what makes the platform stand apart.

Real-Time Video Chat

Today we are happy to announce that real-time video chat functionality is coming to CMNTY Platform in form of a new module called Focus. The new module will enable you to host video sessions with multiple community members simultaneously or with people 1-on-1.

A Beta Version of “CMNTY Focus”


To start, CMNTY Focus will allow you to host real-time video chats with up to 16 video streams and up to a 100 audio streams. You’ll be able to record conversations for later analysis. And we are working with clients to include stimuli presentation and chat.

Possible Applications

Of course there are countless ways to use live video in your online community. But here are just a few ideas.

  • Online focus groups
  • In-depth (1:1) interviews
  • Project launch & progress sessions
  • Brainstorming & co-creation sessions
  • Member recruitment sessions
  • Video Q&A’s

Sign-Up & Be First!

Focus will be released in beta soon and you can be among the first to join try it. Sign up now and we’ll contact you when we are ready to launch the beta.