CMNTY Platform 5.20.0 – Bounces in Dynamic Groups & Exports


Every two weeks, we release updates to our community platform; today’s release is Platform 5.20.0. As we continue to release updates to the platform, we’ll also release a blog post here to help walk you through the new features of Platform 5.20.0.

Dynamic User Groups Based on Bounces

With our dynamic user groups, you can easily segment members into separate groups. With the arrival of bounces to newsletter insights, you also might want to take appropriate action on people who bounce often. Within this update, we added a trigger which allows you to create a group based on people who bounced at least X times. This allows you to easily filter the people who bounce and delete them as you wish.

Export of Newsletter Insights

With the recent addition of newsletter insights for bounces, complaints and the open rate, we allowed you greater clarity on your newsletter engagement. Within this release, we added the ability to export your newsletter to CSV. If you are interested in sorting, filtering or searching for a specific user within the analysis of a newsletter, this CSV export is for you! It will show you how many times a person opened up the email, if they bounced or complained and to whom the newsletter was actually sent.

User Activity Expanded with Newsletter Insights

You were already able to see how actively someone is engaged with the platform, by creating a user activity export in the admin. To also give you more background on how engaged a member is with your newsletter, we added additional columns like the amount of newsletters they received, the amount of bounces and the amount of opened emails. This will give you even more insights in your member base!

Platform Template Expansion

Our platform template is the go-to place when you want to update your design. It gives you flexible options for changing colors, fonts and images. With this release, we added 2 more options for more flexible design. You are now able to change the colors of primary buttons, i.e. submit buttons, while also being able to change the color of secondary buttons, i.e. cancel buttons. These button options allow you greater design customization.

P.S. Interested in a completely different design? Check in with your Customer Success Manager for our design services!  

News API

Our platform already consists of a strong API. We now have added new endpoints with this release. You can now retrieve all news articles from the platform. This is great when you want to show the latest news of the community, right on your corporate homepage!

Drawing Tool Removal

As announced in previous updates, we are removing the drawing tool from your Platform due to the fact that Adobe no longer offers his integration. From this version on, the drawing tool is no longer part of our offerings.

Wondering What Else We’re Working On?

Right now, our development team is hard at work to continue to improve the platform with new Insights, Discussion Board functionality, and API endpoints from Platform 5.20.0. Stay tuned and never hesitate to reach out to with any questions!