CMNTY Platform 5.27.0 – Insights Timeline & Summary, New Discussion Board Functionality


Every two weeks, we release updates to our community platform; today’s release is Platform 5.27.0. As we continue to release updates to the platform, we’ll also release a blog post here to help walk you through the new features of Platform 5.27.0.

Timeframe Selection in Insights

In the previous release we added the member growth graph, allowing you to easily see how your member growth is. Within this release, we added a time frame selection, allowing you to see how your member growth was in a particular month. While we were at it, we also expanded the members online, total time online, total member and member engagement with a timeframe selection.

Summary in Insights

With the timeframe selection, you get a quick overview per month how your community thrives. Within this release, we also added a summary for each month to the members online, total time online and member growth graphs. These summaries allow you to quickly review a summary of how your community engaged over a particular month.

Several New Discussion Board Functionalities

In our continuous effort to bring you new functionality to Discussion Board, we added several improvements to the current module. First, we’ve added Discussion Board to the User Activity in each profile. Next, we also added mass delete and reset functions to clear up your discussion board when needed. Finally, we’ve added several API endpoints to Discussion Board, allowing for greater integration possibilities.

Sneak peek: We are expecting to release Badge triggers for Discussion Board in one of the following releases!

Wondering What Else We’re Working On?

Right now, our development team is hard at work to continue to improve the platform with new options to the Insights page, expanding Discussion Board functionality and API from Platform 5.27.0. Stay tuned and never hesitate to reach out to with any questions!