CMNTY Platform 5.28.0 – Masking, Unread Status, Badges and API in Discussion Board


Every two weeks, we release updates to our community platform; today’s release is Platform 5.28.0. As we continue to release updates to the platform, we’ll also release a blog post here to help walk you through the new features of Platform 5.28.0.

Masking in Discussion Board

With this release, you can now mark a discussion as masked. By masking it, members can only read comments from other participants, after they added a comment to the initial discussion. This will help you in, for example, getting opinions without people being influenced by one another.

Unread Status in Discussion Board

The ability to see which discussions you haven’t seen yet or which discussions have new comments was not possible, up till now. With this release, we added a pulsing icon in front of discussions and comments, to indicate that you haven’t seen it. It was never this easy to see any new content.

While adding this, we also improved the email notifications you will get when a new comment is being added. You will now get separate emails for people who added a comment or people who specifically replied to you.

Badges in Discussion Board

It was already possible to reward members with points within Discussion Board. Now, you can reward them with badges. Adding more gamification to your discussions will lead to greater engagement from your members!

Order of Discussions and Threads

We’ve altered the way discussions are ordered. Now they are ordered on latest activity, just like topics in Forum. Would you like some discussions to stay at the top? Just make them pinned.

Additionally, we changed the order of threads within a discussion. The thread with the latest activity (whether it’s the thread itself or a comment within the thread) will always appear at the top. So, sorting is based on latest activity within threads.

Discussion Board API

With this release, we added the final API endpoints for Discussion Board. You are now able to retrieve threads from our API.

Wondering What Else We’re Working On?

Right now, our development team is hard at work to continue to improve the platform with new options to the Insights page, expanding Discussion Board functionality and API from Platform 5.28.0. Stay tuned and never hesitate to reach out to with any questions!