CMNTY Platform 5.32.0 – Discussion Board Improvements & Finished Questionnaire Group Trigger


Every two weeks, we release updates to our community platform; today’s release is Platform 5.32.0. As we continue to release updates to the platform, we’ll also release a blog post here to help walk you through the new features of Platform 5.32.0.

Close Discussions

Following our recent development, we did another iteration in Discussion Board. You are now capable of closing a discussion separately, rather then having to close the whole board. This allows you to end a discussion earlier and disallows members from engaging any further.

Mark All Discussions as Read

In release 5.28.0, we introduced the unread markers in Discussion Board, which quickly shows you in which boards you have unread content. As much as this new feature is loved by all of you, we also noticed that there is an option missing to quickly mark all content as read. As of this release, you can mark all Discussion Board content as read after which makes the markers disappear until new content has been added.

SEO improvements for Discussion Board

The URLs within Discussion Board had yet to be optimized for SEO. Within this release, we made sure that new URLs are more SEO-friendly. Don’t worry, any old URLs still work as before. More SEO improvements will follow soon.

General Discussion Board Improvements

In our continuous effort to make your experience even better with Discussion Board, we did several small improvements. We improved the overall speed of Discussion Board which should make it more snappy. The “Discussion Board Overview” widget is improved to match the overall overview and remove any inactive discussions, giving you a clean and neat quick overview. We also added Discussion Board to the countdown widget, allowing you to show to members how long a board is still open.

Finished Questionnaire Dynamic User Group

You were already capable of rewarding members with points or badges after they finished a questionnaire. However, the process of getting those members in a dynamic user group was a cumbersome process. We improved this process for you by adding a new trigger which allows you to gather all members in a group who finished a certain questionnaire.

Wondering What Else We’re Working On?

Right now, our development team is hard at work to continue to improve the platform with expanding Discussion Board functionality from Platform 5.32.0. Stay tuned and never hesitate to reach out to with any questions!