RTL sits down with advertisers for even better service


To know what advertisers think, all media perform digital customer satisfaction research. But RTL Nederland dared to take it one step further. The Branded Content department of RLT did a MarketResponse Connect & Inspire session together with its advertisers. And it paid off.

Dutch soap opera veteran Ludo Sanders drinking a can of Coke in Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, the prominent role of Vodafone in The Voice of Holland: The Branded Content department offers advertisers exposure in TV shows, digital formats or film productions. Great. But how can we do even more, are we doing the right things, do our clients need us to do more?

It takes guts: to get to work face-to-face

To really understand your clients, you need to strike up a dialogue and dig deep. During a Connect & Inspire session, the people of Branded Content got to experience this first-hand. They were told what clients want and how they feel about the collaboration with the Branded Content people. Not safely behind a survey, but masks-off and vulnerable. And RTL’s guts paid off.

“This new world is all about direct communication, interactions and really listening to your customers. Your customers should be the ones to draw up your customer satisfaction questionnaire, so to speak.”
Mirte van Deursen, Research & Intelligence RTL Nederland

Vulnerable, honest

During the Connect & Inspire session, the Branded Content team talked with advertisers and media agencies. Listening, interpreting and discussing during a session facilitated by MarketResponse. It was hard work, but the results were great. It wasn’t just about holding up a mirror, there was also room for real dialogue. And this resulted in new insights and closer ties with the clients.

“The customers were very positive too. That was special. Turns out that customers appreciate the fact that as an organization you’re not afraid to show your vulnerabilities. And that you’re genuinely interested in their situation.”
Mirte van Deursen

A sense of urgency

You feel positive energy during Connect & Inspire session, says RTL. It made a remarkable impact on the people. Colleagues who were not able to attend the session regretted it. At the same time, RTL’s clients were enthusiastic about its guts and willingness to be open. This created an atmosphere that yielded clear insights about what RTL was doing right and what they could do better. Some things confirmed what they already knew, and other things were real new insights. A Connect & Inspire session is mainly used to set priorities and prompt action. Face to face, gathered around the same table: that;s the only way to create a sense of urgency.