Digital Hives: How Engine Uses The Power of Human Connection to Solve Business Challenges


Jennifer Adams is Senior Vice President Digital Hives and Online Communities at Engine. After 10 years working for C Space she rolled-out a unique research method: Digital Hives. Now her team serves clients across every industry, vertical and geography online with insight-driven private social networks.

The Challenge

In market research, choosing the right software can determine a large part of the success of a project. So when Engine decided they wanted to start offering digital hives to their clients, they were up for a challenge.

Finding a Sustainable Platform

Jennifer Adams explains: “When I started working at Engine, they had already spent over a year and a half trying to find a good online community solution. I began a global survey of our options, weighing pros and cons. Some systems needed a full on coding team to do the programming and front end design for communities. That was something we couldn’t afford and weren’t interested in engaging with. We wanted this to be easy. It had to be sustainable for our company setup.”

The Solution

One of the things CMNTY invests in is making our tools easy to learn and use. For that reason most of our platform’s settings are complete DIY. And that is was is helping Jennifer and her team set up and maintain Digital Hives a breeze.


“When we found CMNTY, at first blush, I have to say that I really liked it. It was Google-esque, very simple and clean, and had all the right elements. Everything we needed from a nuts and bolts perspective. I really liked the pricing structure as well.”

Ideal for Non-techies

Jennifer continues: “CMNTY lets us do all of the customization we want in terms of how our Digital Hives looks and what it offers. But the fact that I can bring on non-techies and they can do almost everything without me is priceless. It allow us to go into the marketplace with a totally unique proposition and distinguish ourselves in the field.”

One of Engine’s Digital Hives

The Results

Like in every other business, your success depends on happy clients, and if they appreciate the value you add. Jennifer smiles when thinking about presenting results: “Our clients love the results. We were actually told recently that a senior executive said that the data we got was the best research she had seen from their department ever. That was really nice to hear.”

Digital Hives Make Things Sexier

Jennifer concludes: “Our Digital Hives make things sexier. They help bring energy, and they make our research more relevant. I’ve launched over 100 communities. And every single launch day, let me tell you, you’ve never seen researchers more excited!”