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Employee engagement research


Practice what you preach. We will soon hold an employee engagement survey at the revamped MarketResponse. Further information will follow. Naturally, we are counting on a spectacularly high participation rate that will push the market average up considerably.

Read the rest of the Management Update – Week #6

Introducing: Pascal Distelblom, Customer Success Manager EMEA APAC

Pascal Distelblom started work as Customer Success Manager EMEA APAC at the end of January. So she has half the world under her belt. For now from Italy, soon at the Utrecht office. READ MORE

What will you be doing?

“I am the contact person and first point of contact for customers when they have questions. As Customer Success Manager, you work closely with customers to make sure they are satisfied with the platform services they receive. And to improve points of dissatisfaction where possible. You need to ensure that customers remain loyal to the company and want to roll out multiple projects through the platform. Translating this into work, I make sure I get clients up and running when they first start working with the platform (onboarding). Or I make sure that questions are answered when they just can’t figure it out while setting up the platform. I can also give demos if customers are interested in that. It’s a very broad function.”

What did you do before this?

“I have worked at IRI International in Zaltbommel for the past four years. The last year I worked there as Senior Client Coordinator, which is a similar position and that was also for EMEA APAC. IRI is an international supplier and data partner in market information, solutions and services. They collect data from retailers and sell it to FMCG clients. In particular, I was the first point of contact for the regional European customers. For example, if L’Oréal had a question about a project in France, they didn’t have to go looking in France, but I would find the right contact person. I also ensured that projects were followed up and any issues were resolved.

Why did you choose MarketResponse?

“I joined MarketResponse through a former colleague. At my previous employer, we delivered the data dump, after which the customer started working with it. You then didn’t see what happened to it further. At MarketResponse, you can really look along with the client and the project and what he wants to achieve with it. You are much more engaged. In addition, it really appeals to me that it’s not just commercial clients, but also clients working on social problems. It is nice to gather information for that as well.”

Tell us something special about yourself.

“I am still living in Italy now, on the island Lido near Venice. I’m still working remote until the end of March and then I’ll just come back to the office. I will have lived in Italy for four months then. That’s because of my friend who is studying Architecture at TUe. He is graduating for his Master. An internship abroad is part of that.”

Introducing: Martin Morlog, Laravel Developer

Since 1 February, Martin Morlog has been employed as Laravel Developer. He works on our web applications and currently does so from Spain. From 1 May, you can meet him at the Utrecht office. READ MORE

What will you be doing?

“I am a Laravel Developer. In this role, I create web applications and keep MarketResponse’s many web applications up to date and extend them where necessary and possible.”

What did you do before this?

“I joined MarketResponse on 1 February after a one-year sabbatical. Before that, I worked freelance full remote for a US company, also as a Laravel Developer.”

Why did you choose MarketResponse?

“I came across this vacancy through a recruiter. I really enjoy working with Laravel software, so it was nice that there was a vacancy for that. What makes it extra attractive is that MarketResponse uses GIS, its geographic information system. That’s interesting to me because I was an urban planner before I became a programmer. It is nice now, some ten years later, to have common ground with my previous field again along these lines. Back then, I was working on a project to support digital zoning plans. That’s how I found out that I find programming very interesting and switched.”

Tell us something special about yourself.

“I currently live in southern Spain. I cycled from Eindhoven to France a year ago. From there, I continued walking through Spain and Portugal. I now felt that walking and cycling were pretty much finished. I felt like getting back to work. From 1 May, I will be back in the Netherlands.”

FD campaign for revamped MarketResponse scores well

The campaign to introduce the new MarketResponse via FD media scored well. Overall, the various expressions achieved above-average views and clicks among the B-to-B target group. READ MORE

Our campaign in FD media in December for the launch of the revamped MarketResponse achieved above-average results. Advertorial and banner generated 1,879 visitors on our website till mid-January.

The three print placements in the Financieele Dagblad did very well in terms of reach (69,367) among the B2B target group. With a B2B of 299, selectivity for this target group is huge anyway.

Digitally, over 470,000 impressions were delivered and we achieved almost 700 clicks. That’s a CTR of 0.15%, which is in line with FD’s benchmark. The majority of these (64%) were on smartphones.

The homepage advertorial scored above our benchmark with a reach of almost 219,000 impressions. However, the number of clicks was slightly below the benchmark.

Two newsletters were delivered to 520,000 subscribers. This resulted in 307 and 275 clicks, both above the average benchmark of 250.

Save the date: 16 maart

We will hold the first Business Meeting Update of this year on Thursday March 16th in the Brasserie. The start is at 4pm and we will close in style with a dressed-up drinks reception. Further information will follow.

New office space available from today

The new, additional office space 5.09 is available from today, Monday 6 February. You can have your access pass upgraded at reception so that you can access this space from now on.

Please use the central e-mail address for Marketing

Do you have a request for the Marketing & Communications department? Please use the central e-mail address marcom@marketresponse.nl. This is the shortest and fastest way to success. Wieke and Nicole in particular distribute questions (and comments) from this mailbox throughout the department. If you address a request to an individual team member, it could fall between two stools, that’s why.


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