February 2021 - Product Update


At CMNTY we strive to offer you the best tools to get your research job done, especially during these tough times. This month’s update is once again packed with solutions to make your research life easier and get you insights faster.

Private Discussions

With the option to mask discussions, you can get unbiased responses from your participants as they only join the conversation with other participants after they replied. We’ve now added the option to mark a discussion completely as private, which disallows participants to see each other’s replies. This is helpful when you don’t want to turn the discussion into a social conversation but only want to collect initial responses or have one-on-one conversations.

A Private Discussion

Moderators can now join hidden in Focus

Being able to focus on your participants is essential when conducting focus groups or IDIs. Having to perform moderation actions or sometimes answer questions in the backroom might distract you from the actual conversation you’re having—especially when dealing with bigger groups. We’ve now added the option to allow moderators to hide from the participants. A second moderator can join hidden, listen to the conversation, moderate the session and communicate in the backroom.

Choose whether you join public or hidden

Improved Segmentation Process

Groups are a great way to segment your participants. Either through automated triggers or by manually assigning participants in a group. We’ve now optimized the group process from within Focus. You can create a group on the fly when scheduling a session, which no longer requires you to create the group upfront. We will roll out this feature in the upcoming weeks in other modules, making your life easier.

Segment on the fly by selecting the participants

Default Shortcodes

When running multiple projects, it might be useful to use our Hub solution to manage your platforms. Within the Hub, you can easily create new platforms based on your templates. Shortcodes are a great way to manage specialized content within your platform. We’ve now made sure that names and platform names are now globally available in several places. For example, your privacy policy automatically adapts when you change your platform name, so you don’t need to adjust it manually. Next month, we will add an option to add your predefined shortcodes. Whenever you create a new platform, you only need to change the shortcodes’ values to update several pages automatically.

Focus Sessions in the Completion Matrix

Getting a complete picture of the performance of a respondent might be crucial to reward them correctly. So far, you could assign any task you have for them to the task list and track completion as they go. The only thing missing was an actual focus session. That’s why we made sure that you can now also assign focus sessions to the task list, allowing you to track completion within the completion matrix.

Completion Matrix indicating the task completion rates

And More

Next to the changes mentioned above, we also made some minor improvements to ease your workflow and get better results.

  • Assign Groups to Polls
  • Display module in Completion Matrix
  • Bookmark export now exports in Excel
  • Send along lang code on registration when using Screeners
  • Included User ID and Username in SPSS exports

What’s Next?

In March, we will continue to improve our existing solutions as well as offering you new solutions. We will expand our improved segmentation process amongst other modules and introduce the option to create custom shortcodes. We are also reviewing the opportunity for an automated scheduling system for Focus, improve Excel exports and allow you to create user groups based on task completion.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated or is updated within a couple of days with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.