Hooghoudt and the Adventurous Explorer. A target group strategy with the BSR lifestyle model.


MarketResponse knows why the Dutch do what they do. We explain their behaviour based on lifestyles, brought together in the four-colour BSR model. This is the reason why Hooghoudt called on us for a trip to its new target group opportunities. The conclusion: focus on red, the lifestyle domain of colourful, creative innovators.

Since 1888, the Hooghoudt distillery is known for its genevers, cordials and liqueurs. In Groningen and way beyond. The family business has grown into a modern business that is continuously looking to innovate its products. Hooghoudt loves a little adventure and this is what gives Hooghoudt products their very special flavours. These special products deserve a broader target group. In its quest for new target groups and rejuvenation, Hooghoudt came knocking on MarketResponses door.

Strategic issues

To predict market opportunities for Hooghoudt we have used our BSR lifestyle model. First, we used BSR for the strategic issues: what are the relevant target groups for Hooghoudt, and which provide the best opportunities for the different products? In the second part of the process, BSR also provides an answer to the more tactical and strategical questions: what type of marketing and propositions fit the different target groups, who can we reach with what message, with which product and through which channels can we get which people moving? Using Smartguess (BSR at a postcode level) we finally explained to Hooghoudt where the desired target groups are located.

Focus on Red: The Adventurous Explorer

With the BSR philosophy, seemingly complex situations will become transparent. In terms of its target group, Hooghoudt had already moved from BSR green to BSR blue, but now it has shifted its focus on two target groups: forerunners and connoisseurs. We call them the ‘Adventurous Explorers’ (BSR red) and the ‘Connoisseurs’ (BSR blue).

In these two colours and their predominant lifestyles we find the secret: red = innovative, experimental and blue = connoisseur, an eye for quality.

In its new plans, Hooghoudt therefore focuses on the Adventurous Explorer. Because that’s where Hooghoudt can grow, that’s where the opportunities lie. It is a target group that is open to new adventures. The adventurous explorers know their own minds and are ahead of the masses. Plus: Hooghoudt’s efforts will trickle down to other target groups (blue and yellow).

Strategy and inspiration

BSR as a strategic instrument and an inspiring model to create a transparency. Hooghoudt immediately developed plans. Take the target group into the adventurous world of genever, from the origin of ingredients to recipes for cool cocktails, flavour, ingredients, authenticity; the research sparks them to come up with the issues that this target group is interested in, new communication messages are developed, new channels are found. The red lifestyle as a primary target group is a choice that gives energy and ideas.  In the words of the client:

“The BSR results gave us a tremendous sense of direction and focus. We have used this to sharpen our strategy.”
Niels Grootenboer, Field & Marketing Manager at Hooghoudt