How Lufthansa Improved Team Collaboration with a Community


Markus Eichel, operational manager at Lufthansa’s School of Business used a community platform to improve team collaboration and understand needs and wants.

The Challenge

Lufthansa was looking for a way to keep trainees engaged in between workshops that were being given at the Lufthansa School of Business. Markus is a real fan of online community platforms. Especially when used in business. So he wanted to explore how a community platform could improve team collaboration during and in-between workshops.

“My primary goal with the platform was to have 500 to 800 employees collaborate and discuss topics that were covered in our live workshops”, Markus explains.

The Solution

lufthansa mobile“We knew that the platform was going to be used by ‘digital natives’ who were constantly on their phones as well as employees who didn’t necessarily use mobile devices on a daily basis.” Markus continues.

Mobile Ready

When Markus actually started looking into the different software providers he found that having a platform that was mobile-ready and responsive was not easy. He wanted to make sure that the team members would be able to access to the platform wherever they were. That would increase chances the tool would actually improve team collaboration.

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The Results

Markus worked with other platforms before. He thinks they are too big and ultimately lack flexibility. CMNTY Platform allowed Markus and his team to customize every aspect of the community experience. “The flexibility made it really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community. This aspect of the platform really added to its value for us.”

Lufthansa team collaboration community

Insights: Beyond Improving Team Collaboration

Because all the conversations take place in one central platform, Markus could use CMNTY’s analysis tools to understand motivations. Combined with surveys, polls and user segmentation the platform proved a powerful to for achieving Lufthansa’s goals. Even beyond the goal of improving team collaboration.

Easy to Involve Top-Management

For trainees its is valuable to get feedback from every level of the organization. Of course, top-management may feel like they are unreachable and hard to involve. The platform removed that barrier. “Members feel that their contributions are worthwhile. They love that they have access to get their ideas and opinions in front of top-management”, Markus explained.

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Keeping Team Members Engaged

Markus also has advice for companies wanting to setup a similar community to improve team collaboration. “My advice to others who are considering running an online community would be to make sure to keep the platform engaging. Use rich media like images and videos to keep your community members engaged and excited. And  check in on how things are going every single day. If members don’t feel that you are reacting to their input they will not return to the platform.”