Meet CMNTY at These Insights Events in 2019


With customer intelligence becoming increasingly important to gain competitive advantage, CMNTY is the go-to for marketing research firms and insights professionals wanting to become more knowledgeable on user experiences and consumer needs.

Used by top market research firms worldwide, CMNTY is the preferred solution for gaining actionable customer insights and improving loyalty within the shortest possible timeframe.

Want to see our tools in action and exchange experiences with other professionals? Meet us at MIE19 and IIeX2019!

MIE insights event

Insights Event: MIE 2019
Date: 6-7 Feb, 2019
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Booth: 1+Bar


IIeX insights event

Insights Event: IIEX Europe 2019
Date: 18-19 Feb, 2019
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Kiosk: A6


Quirks insights event

Insights Event: Quirks Brooklyn
Date: March 5-6, 2019
Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Booth: M


IIeX insights event

Insights Event: IIEX North America 2019
Date: 23-25 Apr, 2019
Location: Austin, TX, USA.
Kiosk: 17