Introducing CMNTY Labs - Experimental Features & Pre-Releases


With the all new “CMNTY Labs”, we will be offering a new way for exploring and creating new solutions in your community platform.

What is CMNTY Labs?

At CMNTY we regularly discuss feature ideas for our platform. Many of these ideas come directly from our clients who have great ways of solving certain problems. We can’t put every idea into practice, but we have processes in place to make sure the best ideas make it to the platform.

Usefulness Analysis

Deciding on which solution to build next is a mix of multiple factors. For example, we look at how often we receive similar requests and how useful we think it will be for other clients. In particular, we look at if we think it will aid our clients in achieving their goals. We discuss every idea and weigh the pros and cons for each solution before starting to work on it.

Collecting Feedback

CMNTY Labs is a mechanism we will deploy to give you early access to new and experimental features. It is a means for us to collect feedback from our clients and help us decide whether a feature is good or not. CMNTY Labs will be a new tab in admin section of CMNTY Platform. Experimental features will appear here and you can decide to enable or disable them whenever you want. Here is an example of how this can look:


Usage Measurement

We will not only collect your feedback but will also measure actual usage of the feature. If a feature proves to be useful we will make it part of our core development lifecycle. But we might also retire less popular functionality.

First Release Imminent

We will be adding our very first CMNTY Labs functionality soon. Newsletter Click Rate will allow you to track clicks in newsletters, possibly giving you a better understanding of which newsletters lead to engagement and which do not.

We are excited about CMNTY Labs and hope you will enjoy the new features.

The CMNTY Team