January 2021 - Product Update


At CMNTY we strive to offer you the best tools to get your research job done, especially during these tough times. This month’s update is once again packed with solutions to make your research life easier and get you insights faster.

Integrate External Tasks

As of today, you will be capable of integrating external tasks within your platform. Just create a questionnaire in your favorite questionnaire tool and link them together. You can track this task’s progress from within the completion matrix and understand which participants did or did not complete the task yet. With task reminders, you can quickly remind your participant when they missed out on this particular task.

Learn more about this feature in our support center.

Improved Focus Interface

We slightly revamped the Focus interface to make room for all of the new options we recently introduced. The overall layout is still the same, but we moved a couple of options to the sidebar and made the overall mobile experience better. This should help you to conduct focus groups and IDIs with more ease.

Save Snapshots of Whiteboard

We recently introduced a lot of new options within Whiteboard, making it a full-fledged whiteboard tool. We’ve now added an option to save snapshots of your whiteboards so that you can review them at a later point after the meeting.
We’ve also changed the Whiteboard interface, so options make more sense, and it’s easier for everyone to draw on. We’ve also included the option to zoom, which significantly should help people on a mobile device.

Focus Reminders

We introduced the option to sent out invites back in July. To increase the number of show-ups, we made sure that we automatically sent reminders 24 hours and 1 hour upfront of the Focus session after you decided to sent out invites. Participants are reminded automatically, leading to a higher show-up rate.

More Focus Updates

Here is a list of other changes we did in Focus:

  • Attendees can now also share their screen
  • Support for the Samsung Internet Browser on Android
  • Moderators, screen, and video sharing are no longer present within the recording

Task List Export

The Completion Matrix is a versatile tool that helps you understand how well participants are completing their tasks. Being able to export the matrix was already possible, but we’ve now made sure that also profile fields are included in the Excel export. This should allow you to filter in Excel on your participants’ demographics or use the data in your favorite insights tool.

What’s Next?

In February, we will continue to improve our existing solutions as well as offering you new solutions. We will improve the way you generate groups for Focus Sessions, allow you to hide yourself during a Focus Session, and introduce private topics within Forum. Furthermore, we will be introducing options to manage shortcodes better, allowing to better manage templated platforms, ready for your next research project.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated or is updated within a couple of days with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.