June 2020 – Product Update


Online qualitative market research is surging and we’ve ramped up our development efforts to get you the best tools you need for the job. This monthly update is once again packed with solutions to make your life easier and get you insights quicker.

Focus Improvements

We further improved our Focus solution this month. So much has been changed that we decided to devote an entirely separate article to it. Read the Focus Solution Update.

Focus received a lot of updates

Flexible HeatMap Markers

When we first launched HeatMap, the names of the markers (“Positive” and “Negative”) were fixed so you weren’t able to change those to “Good” and “Bad” for example. Well, that is now possible and you can even decide to go with 1, 2 or 3 markers. This will give you more flexibility and will hopefully lead to even better insights.

HeatMap markers can now be renamed

Pulse Improvements

Observer Access

Getting project results to clients or internal stakeholders needs to happen fast. As of today, observers can access CMNTY Pulse to browse questionnaire results, Focus sessions and Word Clouds to name a few. You can literally present results to your clients while the responses come in. To protect the privacy of respondents, we made sure that no PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is visible to observers. PII data stays safe inside Pulse.

Observers in Pulse
Observers are not seeing PII

Artifact Section

We also added an artifact section in which you can safely store important documents and share them with observers. This can be a report, an infographic, a video, basically anything that you think will be useful to your client.

Artifact Section
The new Artifact section

Other Improvements

The user details page now also shows content added to Challenge & Blog by any specific user.

What’s Next?

A lot of features and improvements are coming to Focus which you can read about in the Focus Solution Update. Furthermore, we will be expanding the TaskList analysis in CMNTY Pulse. The improvement will allow you see quicker who did and did not complete a task. You’ll also be able to send reminders to anyone who has uncompleted tasks. This should help you increase the total number of completes is a shorter amount of time.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.