CMNTY Labs - Click Tracking in Newsletter


CMNTY Labs offers new features for experimenting, exploring and creating new solutions in your community platform.

Click Tracking Newsletters with Labs

In recent releases we added a lot of insights to your newsletters. We offer an overview to see who received the newsletter, who had a bounce and who opened up a newsletter.

We also added this information to the export, allowing you to do more with this information outside the platform. Furthermore, it’s also possible to create a Dynamic User Group based on the amount of bounces.

Instant Tracking

Within CMNTY Labs, we now added an option to enable click tracking on newsletters. When activating this Lab functionality, your platform will start measuring the amount of clicks occurring within a newsletter. Next to all the other insights, you will now see how many clicks and how many unique clicks were performed. You will also see how many clicks a certain recipient did.

Easy Analysis

Finally, you will also see per link, how many times the link was actually clicked. Links outside the platform are not being tracked.

This will allow you for even greater insights in your newsletter system and give you an idea of the overall engagement with the newsletter you submit.

We are eager to hear what you think about this click tracking feature and what could be improved. Send us an email once you test the CMNTY Labs feature and share your feedback!