CMNTY Labs - Improved Admin Menu


CMNTY Labs offers new features for experimenting, exploring and creating new solutions in your community platform.

Improved Admin Design with Labs

The admin is one of the vital parts of the platform. As a community manager, you spend a lot of time in the admin, configuring your platform or creating the content for your member base to participate in.

Compact Menu

Our design team had a look on our Admin and discovered that the menu is taking a lot of space from the screen, while it is all about content. On top of that the menu was too much of a distraction with all the icons and other details in it.

Streamlined Experience

Removing all the icons of sub-menu items allowed us to create a more compact version of the menu, resulting in a better overview of what’s in the menu. As you can see in the example below, it allows you to see +- 40% more of the menu!

Modern Header

Next to that, the header of the admin got an improvement as well. By moving the CMNTY logo to the lower left of the screen, the menu-categories are now better ‘connected’ to the admin menu. This also creates more whitespace in the header which causes less distraction of the actual content than before. This is supported by the visual changes to the support, profile and front-end button.

We are eager to hear what you think about this improved admin menu and what could be changed for an even better overview. Send us an email once you test the CMNTY Labs feature and share your feedback!