Management Update Week 12


Meeting new collegues in a relaxed atmosphere

Together, we can actually make a difference with a unique offering for the market. That was the theme of last Thursday’s Business Update. The meeting, held offsite for the occasion at Kitchen Bar Danel, was all about the new MarketResponse and getting to know the staff of the two most recent aqcuisitions, Underlined and Reputations.

Jorgen indicated in his speech that the atmosphere and introduction already felt very natural. The fact that the bar was already open possibly contributed to this. The speeches by Jorgen, Jos (Reputations) and Theo (Underlined) were delivered in English. This will be the case at these meetings from now on, due to the different nationalities at Underlined in particular.

Integrate carefully and don’t rush
It will be quite a task anyway to merge the different cultures that MarketResponse now has into one big family in which everyone feels at home, Jorgen indicated. “There’s a lot coming our way in that respect, also in terms of integrating companies, processes and products. We will do that carefully, without rushing.” For support in this area, José Olde Olthof has been appointed integration manager, while Hugo Strategy will map the internal and external branded value of the new MarketResponse.

It’s about markets, but also society
Jos from Reputations recalled that the close collaboration with MarketResponse dates back to 2009. “The story of the new MarketResponse is that we really understand all the different people. Understanding today, shaping tomorrow. We know all about data, technology and innovations, but ultimately we do it for people. It’s not just about markets, it’s about society. My role is to build one full-service proposition from our new combinations of disciplines. And to optimise customer journeys through clear communication.”

Truly understanding customer relations
Theo from Underlined gave an insight into the origins of his company at the time of the rise of social media. “With our platform ROCX’R, we make it possible to automatically enrich CX insights based on data so you can really fathom what is going on in customer relations.” He stressed that the investors who had faith in his ideas for CX automation turned out to be right. “With the products and services Underlined offers today, together we can really make a difference. By giving companies smart and detailed insight into the impact they are having with their customer contacts. So that they can see what they are already doing well and where they can do better.”

The Business Update presentation can be found here.

And view (a selection of) the photos from the Business Update here.

A little nuisance for a good cause

With the growth of our company, the need for office space is growing. The expansion and modification of room 5.09 with a scrum room and the installation of an additional phone booth in 5.07 are going to cause some inconvenience from time to time in the coming weeks.

The most inconvenience is expected from Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 March in connection with making so-called drywall coves, fitting plasterboards, wallpapering and painting. Thursday 23 March will see preparatory work on electricity and air conditioning. The glass walls will follow in early April. The schedule is to bring in the glass walls on Thursday afternoon 6 April and install them on Friday 7 April.

In the near future, it will be possible to book these internal meeting rooms via Outlook. Information on this will follow.

And yet another jubilee

“We did it again: we have been able to find a new colleague for the vacancy Junior Research Consultant in Stefan’s team. Nikkie van Nijhuis, 24 years old, living in Utrecht, will join us from 1 March next.”

This is how Nikki (sorry about the spelling error) was announced as a new colleague five years ago.

Meanwhile, she has been living in Harderwijk and has grown into a valued colleague we can rely on and trust for five years. Congratulations Nikki!

Attending a BSR introductory workshop?

As a colleague never attended such a workshop before? Then this is your chance. On Thursday 23 March, from 10.00 to 13.00, we will hold another workshop at our Utrecht office.

There are still a few places available. Are you interested?

You can register via this link.