Management Update Week 16


Office units 507 and 509 close for a week

After the office refurbishments at the end of March and beginning of April, another change will follow in office units 507 and 509 at the end of May. Both spaces will undergo a considerable overhaul and receive new furnishings, including new furniture. As a result, they will be out of operation from 17 to 26 May. So please take this into account as much as possible in your planning.

Eye-catchers will be the new height-adjustable desks. There will also be new planting. The phone boots will become meeting rooms where you can hold a meeting with up to four colleagues.

The old furniture will disappear from the office units on Wednesday 17 May, the day before Ascension Day. This means that by Tuesday 16 May, all belongings must have been removed from the mobile chests of drawers and the desks must be empty. Only the cabinet on the back wall will remain. Both units will then be accessible and operational again for everyone on Tuesday 30 May. During the refurbishment, only Reputations’ office unit is furnished.

From 30 May, Underlined’s Den Bosch office will be closed. We already extend a warm welcome to Underlined’s colleagues in Utrecht. For questions about the move, please contact Theo van der Steen.

Improving on all sides

With the addition of Underlined, MarketResponse has gained a wonderful portfolio, a great deal of expertise, valuable clients, and above all, 22 colleagues. They are already starting to find their way into the MarketResponse organization.

The new colleagues remain committed to further developing Underlined’s products and services. At the same time, they are filling a number of MarketResponse’s vacancies. In short, we are improving on all sides thanks to Underlined. The new colleagues also bring the ratio of age, gender and background into even better balance.

Wanted: HR business partner

MarketResponse is growing. This year alone, we have been so fortunate to welcome more than 25 new employees. This of course puts more work and pressure on the HR department. And so we are desperately looking for an HR business partner. Please feel free to share this vacancy in your network.

In this new (part-time) position as HR business partner, you will be responsible for HR processes and policies for the MarketResponse team that consists of just under 100 employees. We are looking for an HR expert who will help build the organization and will advise management, team leaders and employees. An important position therefore, for the entire organization. You can find the vacancy on our website.


Our own Arno van der Laan, Full Stack Developer at MarketResponse is participating in Walk&Dance to Fight Cancer on Ascension Day, May 18. An upbeat and musical 25 kilometer sponsor run to raise money to fund cancer research of the KWF Dutch Cancer Society.

Do you support Arno? He welcomes every contribution. You will find more information about the walk and a donation here.