Management Update Week 8


Tax-free work from home allowance up

The government has increased the tax-free home work allowance to €2.15 per day effective January 1, 2023. This was €2.00 per day in 2022, so it is an increase of 7.5%. December’s homework days were paid out last month. The new allowance goes into effect for January’s homework days that we are paying out this month.

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Arno second jubilee this year

The new loyalty bonus introduced January 1 gives you an extra half a month’s salary net for every five years of service. Gerrit Piksen was the first jubilarian to qualify last month. This month we applaud Arno van der Laan. He joined the ranks five years ago. Congratulations Arno!

Introducing: Ruben van Zelst, intern Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Ruben started this month as an intern. For his Business Administration course, he will spend the next six months researching the role of the management dashboard in optimizing business results.

What will you be doing?

“For my graduation thesis, I am going to investigate how the management dashboard can contribute to the optimization of the operating result. I will do this using a number of KPIs that I will map out. The ultimate goal of my research is to create a manual for creating a clear and practical management dashboard.”

What did you do before this?

“I have done research and internships at various companies within different industries. For example, I recently conducted research at waste processor Renewi. I also did an internship at video agency International Video Company. At this company I am still working as a new business representative.”

Why did you choose MarketResponse?

“MarketResponse appealed to me because the services are very similar to the work I am currently doing. It’s actually the process leading up to it. MarketResponse provides the data that allows companies to know which audience to reach and how. The company where I interned and am currently working then helps companies reach this target audience through online (video) marketing on socials. In addition, I talked a lot with your colleague Frank Bos. This also contributed to my choice.”

Tell us something special about yourself.

“I actually never expected to end up in this industry. I’ve never really been interested in data and marketing and the like. From a young age, I’ve been entrepreneurial. That started with buying and selling all kinds of stuff. That’s how I ended up in sales. I also felt that working in construction was more for me. I still occasionally work in construction. So my ideal picture is a combination between the two, so some days in construction and some days at a corporate company.”

Introducing: Carlo Wolters, intern Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle

Carlo is doing an internship in the data department for the next four months as a third-year International Business student. He is studying data-driven marketing.

What will you be doing?

“My internship starts as a walk-in internship. Over the next few weeks, I get to do my own research assignment here. I would like to learn more about data-driven marketing.”

Why did you choose MarketResponse?

“I ended up at MarketResponse through my sister Leander. She told me about the cool assignments she had done for 4orange. I immediately saw that that’s where my interests lie.”

Tell us something special about yourself.

“My biggest passion is poker. In addition to my studies, I have been playing professionally since 2020 and I am involved in coaching amateur players. I hope to be able to apply many of the skills I learned from poker, such as problem solving and strategic insight, in business.”

Keep up the good work

In June of this year we will go up for full ISO certification again. And yes, the activities of (former) CMNTY and 4orange will also be (re)certified then. That means work for all of us. If you are already working neatly according to our procedures, then it is a matter of continuing on the same footing. We see that the agreements still slip here and there. In that case, step it up.

Three colleagues out of service

Dennis Groen and Dylan de Mots left service last month. Rosanne Vreugdenhil will leave service at the end of the month. Last Friday, Feb. 17, was her last day of work.