March 2021 - Product Update


At CMNTY, we strive to offer you the best tools to get your research job done, especially during these tough times. This month’s update is once again packed with solutions to make your research life easier and get you insights faster.

Segment based on Task Completion

CMNTY Platform comes out of the box with a strong segmentation system. You can segment your participants based upon their profile fields and all of the actions they have done during your study. We recently made sure that you can quickly create manual segments more easily whenever you create new content. This month, we improved the system that creates segments based upon actions. Rather than selecting a specific item like a Questionnaire, Diary Study, or Discussion, you can now select a task from the task list. This allows you to create segments quicker and easier, lowering your overall setup time while increasing ease of use.

Automated Segmentation based on Task Completion

Custom Shortcodes

Previous month we’ve made sure that you can use our default shortcodes across the entire platform. Our shortcode system allows you to use variables that are automatically replaced with content you’ve assigned to the variable. This month, we are introducing custom shortcodes. You can now define your own shortcodes and use these across the entire platform. This allows you to define a variable only once and use it in multiple places, and it also allows you to create templated studies that you can use as your base for your next study. By only changing the values of your shortcodes, your study is immediately updated and ready for launch.

Creating and managing Custom Shortcodes

Focus Scheduling (BETA)

To run a successful Focus Group session or IDI, you first need to recruit participants, determine when they are potentially available, divide them into segments and finally launch the session. To help you out in this process, we introduce the first step of our Focus Scheduling system. With Focus Scheduling, you can define time slots when a moderator is available to conduct a session. Next up, participants can share their availability with you by picking time slots they are available. After participants have picked one or more time slots, based on their availability and demographics, you can assign them to certain time slots, after which you can convert these time slots automatically to sessions. This allows you to run the entire process of picking people and assigning them in a session within the same platform as you would be conducting the sessions. It costs you less time to set up, and it’s easier for participants to share their availability while performing other tasks.

From defining time slots till the actual creation of Sessions

What’s Next?

We will continue working on the focus scheduling system to make the entire process as easy as possible for both moderators and participants. If you have any feedback you want to share, feel free to reach out to our team here. We will also be releasing a new version of our export system to retrieve the data you desire in the upcoming months.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated or is updated within a couple of days with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.