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May 2020 – Product Update


With the world in crisis due to COVID-19, our team switched to 100% remote work. We are fortunate that our productivity has not been impacted so far, and we can continue to bring you exciting new features. Here’s an overview of everything that has been released this month.

Improvements to Online Focus Groups

Focus received a lot of attention and you are sending us lots of ideas and improvements that we are currently looking in to. Thank you for that. For this month, we made sure that the process for people to join the meeting is going smoother. Because access to the microphone and camera systems are an important aspect of online video meetings, we made sure there’s a clearer flow and better feedback during this setup process.

Transcriptions, bookmarking and downloads are now available

We also made sure that as a moderator you can now access recordings and transcriptions in CMNTY Pulse. You can also download the videos and transcriptions for offline usage. Using bookmarking you can make sure that important parts of the recording can be saved for later. Bookmarks can be automatically analyzed by our sentiment analysis tool and you can create word clouds from them.

Improvements to Notifications

In order to improve the completion rate of tasks which you want participants to complete, we already offer a feature called Task List. With this month’s updates we made sure that you can send out automatic emails for Questionnaires, Journal Assignments and Blog Articles whenever they go live. This will help you get higher completions rates and only requires you to activate this email message within the email message system once.

Poll Now Available in Task List

We’ve also expanded the Task List with yet another popular request. You can now add a Poll to the Task List. This allows you to get a quick view of how many members have completed your polls and how many tasks are still pending.

Polls now can be added to Task List to monitor participation

Pulse Improvements

There were also two minor improvements to CMNTY Pulse:

  • We changed the filtering system to handle longer lists of data
  • We added the ability to search through your bookmarks
It’s not possible to search bookmarks

Coming Soon

In just a few weeks, we will have more exciting updates for you. For example, our team is currently making sure that you can define the type of markers within your HeatMap questions. Whether you want to go with a single marker called “room for improvement” or multiple markers consisting of “like”, “dislike” and “neutral”, that will all be possible.

HeatMap currently supports only Positive and Negative markers. This will change.

In the meantime we also are expanding Focus with more moderation options for admins. Not only will you be able to mute other people, you will also be capable to edit generated transcriptions so you can make sure they are ready to be used in your reports.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.


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