Introducing MoodBoards: Visual Brainstorming and Visual Analysis


Today we are adding an exciting new feature to CMNTY Platform. MoodBoards are a new and innovative way for your community members to co-create ideas and share thoughts and feelings with you.

Part of the Challenge Module

The MoodBoard feature is a new addition to our Challenge module. The main purpose of that module is to encourage ideation, brainstorming and co-creation. How it works is that you set out a question or problem (the “challenge”) and members can respond by submitting ideas. Next, members can rate and comment on each other’s ideas and the best ideas are rewarded points.

Thoughts Made Visual

In Challenge, it was already possible to submit images and videos as part of an idea. Starting today, members can also create mood boards making it easier to visualize their thoughts and ideas. In CMNTY Platform, creating a MoodBoard starts with choosing a canvas layout type.

Many different layouts are available

Built-in Stock Photo Library

Next, you can fill each box with an image. Either by uploading an image from your phone or computer, or by using the integrated stock image library freely provided by Unsplash.

Search through 1 million free images or upload your own

​​​​​AI-Powered Image Analysis

But it doesn’t stop there. As you may now, we are turning CMNTY Pulse into your central insights hub. You can now analyze all the images your members add to their MoodBoards using CMNTY Pulse.

CMNTY Pulse uses image recognition to create word clouds of MoodBoards

Pulse uses AI to recognize what is depicted in the images. This information is then used to generate a word cloud, which you can add to your reports or presentations.

Watch the Demo Video

MoodBoards and MoodBoards Analysis in CMNTY Pulse are a new and exciting way for members to add content to your community and a quick way for you to turn content into insights. In the following video we walk you through the process.

Want a Test Drive?

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