CMNTY Wins FinancesOnline Online Community Software Awards


We you use CMNTY Platform for the first time, you understand why we design our online community software with people in mind. Now, FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories, rewarded the user experience of our platform in their detailed review of CMNTY.

Online Community Software: Putting Customers First

CMNTY Platform was conceived over 10 years ago, in 2007. Back then the online community software space was very new, with just a couple of vendors existing worldwide. CMNTY was backed by the idea that product and services can make better products by involving consumers early on in the process. A mantra we apply to our own product as well.

Since day one, we are collecting feedback on the usability of our product and make improvements wherever possible. We encourage our customer success managers to pro-actively reach out to our customers and discuss improvements whenever they can. So of course, it’s a big honor for us to receive this “virtual prize” for all the work we have put in our product.

Two Awards

But, the news gets even better since we aren’t receiving only one, but two of the prestigious FinancesOnline awards. We won their Great User Experience Award for 2017 and the 2016 Rising Star Award. Both in the Online Community Software category.

Online Community Software AwardOnline Community Software Award

Jury Review

FinancesOnline’s SaaS experts keep a close eye on the online community software solutions that are out there. In their report the highlight the product’s usability and feature richness:

“CMNTY offers businesses and individuals a platform. A platform that allows them to build online communities where all members share and discuss their passion, ideas, stories, and experiences. It banks on people’s innate ability to inspire others through discussion, debate, and interaction, resulting to the presentation and extraction of the best of ideas and concepts, and highly viable suggestions and turn them into reality. We are impressed by the platform’s aesthetics, usability and features. Something we haven’t seen in other online community software.”


Of course we are proud for getting this recognition and will continue to make sure user experience remains one of our top priorities in designing our online community software. As a matter of fact, we are further ramping up our efforts to include user feedback. So keep a close eye on the release notes and be the first to know what is next.

We would like to thank all our customers for contributing to the success. Without you guys we couldn’t have made it this far.

The CMNTY Team