PRESS RELEASE: CMNTY Redefines Community Management with New Platform


12 years in the making, and co-developed with brand and insights professionals around the globe….. CMNTY Platform 6 is a community manager’s dream come true.

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CMNTY Redefines Community Management with New Platform

New York, October 2nd, 2019 — CMNTY Corporation, a tech company devoted to bridging the gap between brands and customers, today launched a new version of its community software that dramatically improves how companies can leverage their online communities. CMNTY Platform 6 is the result of 12 years of research and development in the insights community space. The product is aimed at brand and insights professionals wanting to build short or long term online customer communities with minimal effort and maximum effects.

A solution called CMNTY Pulse is a new, integral part of the platform that has been co-developed with partnering research agencies. It features a moderator’s dashboard that helps manage previously daunting streams of community generated comments, responses and ideas. It helps filter strong language, organize insightful content using bookmarks and provides a “single point-of-truth” about community members and their activities.

“We believe that building and maintaining an online community should be easy, especially for the non tech-savvy. We already made setting up and configuring a new community a blast. With CMNTY Pulse we are taking this DIY approach a step further by making insights more easily digestible and automating parts of the community management process.” says Maxim Schram, Founder & CEO.

The new platform also helps community managers reach higher engagement levels than before. “Of course brands want their communities to be a place their customers love to spend time on. That’s why we made it easier than ever to integrate your community with your website, encourage member-to-member interaction and allow people to participate using their mobile devices. Where brand insights communities used to be primarily project based, we have made it possible for them to remain top of mind and always-on.”

About CMNTY Corporation

CMNTY Corporation launched in 2007 as one of the first tech companies devoted to bridging the gap between brands and customers using online communities. Today its flagship product, CMNTY Platform, is used by 52 of the Fortune 500 to better understand customer needs. The company has offices in New York and Eindhoven, The Netherlands.