Announcing CMNTY Platform 6 - Preview 2: The Challenge Module Reimagined


In September we will release CMNTY Platform 6. To prepare you for what is coming, we will be publishing bi-monthly blog articles that highlight one or more features until the official release date. This is part 2 of the series.

In our previous post we explained how CMNTY Platform 6 is the result of many client interviews and our goal to improve the platform in 3 key areas: Engagement, Insights and Ease of use/Aesthetics. We introduced CMNTY Pulse as a new way for community managers to moderate their community and understand what is going on. And we shared how we will be releasing more regular updates based on client feedback, once the initial version is released in September.

This week we take a look at one of our more popular modules; the Challenge module.

The Challenge Module Reimagined

Our Challenge module was built to setup ideation and co-creation challenges between you and your community. In response to customers looking for ways to increase interaction during co-creation sessions, we redesigned how this module looks, feels and functions.

The Challenge module is now mobile first and entirely responsive. It works and responds accordingly on all devices. This assures a seamless and familiar experience when switching between any of your devices.

Visually Inspiring and Intuitive

The redesigned module has a strong visual feel to it, with the goal to help you inspire members to submit ideas. With a floating idea submission form (similar to Android’s picture-in-picture functionality) members can now work on an idea while browsing through the Challenge assignment and ideas already submitted.

Challenge redesign
New Challenge module with Floating Idea Submission Form

On a technical side, by pre-caching data and loading images optimized to the size of your device, the module is now much faster. And, through the use of content placeholders we can prevent the screen from flickering until all data is completely loaded. Submitting ideas and rating each other’s ideas is now faster, snappier and more fun!

Threaded Comments

With a focus on ease of use, we added threaded comments, a feature borrowed from the new Forum module (more on that module in one of our next posts). Threading allows members to quickly reply to each other and have discussions within discussions.

With the option to sort on newest, oldest or recent activity, members are now in full control. They can choose their own preferred sorting method for all threads.

Threaded discussions in the Challenge module

Mark-up Toolbar

We also added the new mark-up toolbar, so members can now express their ideas and comments with more visual elements. This will allow you to gather richer content.

Read Indicators

Last but not least, new animated read indicators will aid members in understanding where they left off or which content is new.

Release Date

That’s it for the Challenge module! CMNTY Platform 6 will be released in September 2019. And, once we released the initial version, we will continue to release new features through regular smaller updates like you are used from us.