Announcing CMNTY Platform 6 – Preview 4: Wrapping it Up


The release of CMNTY Platform 6 is around the corner. To give you an idea of what is coming, we are publishing a couple of articles that highlight one or more features until the official release date. This is the 4th and final part of the series.

Release Candidate

Our development team is currently preparing the RC (release candidate) of Platform 6. A great moment to look back and see what we have discussed so far.

Over the past couple of weeks we shared:

While the above constitute a couple of big features and design overhauls, there are also lots of smaller improvements apart of Platform 6. The following features are considered the “icing on the cake”.

Mobile First Design

As you would expect from any modern app, CMNTY Platform 6 was designed “mobile first”. While the previous version was also mobile first, the mobile version of the platform featured a separate, stand-alone design. With Platform 6, we aligned the design language of the mobile version with the desktop version ensuring a more seamless experience for your community members.

Horizontal Menu (top navigation)

Because in the past, so many of our clients used their community as a stand-alone application, we used a side-menu to give it that “app” feeling. However as years go by, we are seeing more clients integrate their community with their website and this calls for more design flexibility in terms of navigation.

Platform 6 uses a horizontal/top navigation by default. This doesn’t only make it easier to integrate your community with your website. Not having the menu on the side dramatically improves the available space, giving your community a “cleaner” look and feel.

Profanity Filtering

As communities grow bigger, moderation becomes more of a challenge. For that reason we are releasing a new moderation tool called Pulse, as discussed in one of our previous blog posts.

A regular request from our customers was to help with filtering strong language. With CMNTY Platform 6, profanity filtering is built right into the platform. When turned on, strong words will be automatically moderated, and community managers will be alerted.

Profanity filtering is coming to CMNTY Pulse

Currently filtering is limited to the English language and the most common strong words. Expect additional languages and extended word lists in future.

Widget Improvements

The widgets in CMNTY Platform help spark your member’s interest and draw attention to certain activities. They are designed to make your community into a dynamic space where people love to hang-out.

In Platform 6, a lot of our widgets have been or will be improved. For example, we’ve updated our Top Challenge Participants widget to be more competitive. Instead of only looking at “total ideas”, “average rating” or “likes”, we now take a lot more variables into account. We’ve also improved the Word cloud widget that comes with the Challenge module.

Get Ready!

Platform 6 will be released in a couple weeks. And, once we release the initial version, we will continue to release new features through regular smaller updates like you are used to from us.