Press Release: CMNTY Launches Online Focus Group and IDI Solution


Online Focus Group module gives market researchers new ways to stay close to consumers when in-person research is not an option.

New York City, New York (April 21, 2020) – CMNTY Corporation, global provider of online community platforms for market research professionals and brands, has expanded its platform with real-time video chat functionality. The new solution called Focus makes it easy to host video sessions as part of in-depth interviews, virtual focus groups and live brainstorming sessions.


Online Focus Groups

CMNTY’s mission has always been to help market researchers overcome challenges in their daily research tasks. With the current COVID-19 crisis and the inability to perform in-person research, CMNTY made it a priority to develop a real-time video and virtual focus group solution. “The market research industry is in need of a response to overcome the health and economical crisis, with in-person research nearly being impossible.” says Maxim Schram, founding CEO of CMNTY. ”An online community is a great research tool, especially now people are at home en masse and ready to talk. Focus taps into people’s natural tendency to connect with others through video, leading to even more useful insights.”

Online Qualitative Research Toolkit

Focus is an extension to CMNTY’s qualitative research toolkit. It provides an easy way to conduct a live group chat session with a moderator, respondents and observers within a community platform. It helps record non-verbal communication such as body language and tone of voice on topics that are emotionally and spontaneously oriented.

We are very much looking forward to introducing the new Focus solution to our clients.”, says Fabian Bäumer, senior expert Insights & Innovation at Beautiful Lives. “The ability to take a deep dive with participants during an online conversation on the content they created allows us to enrich our ethnographic research. We can bring the best of (online) focus groups, i.e. depth and specific details, together with the assignments that we have participants carry out in the online community. And the fact that everything is in one ecosystem will also provide a lot of efficiency. In short, we are eager to work with it!”

virtual focus group
Focus in Action

CMNTY Platform combines a variety of online quant and qual data collection methods in one single, online environment. Companies can host forum discussions, co-creation sessions, polls, surveys, heat maps and private messaging and now also virtual focus groups. Focus fully integrates with the platform’s recently developed central insights hub CMNTY Pulse, giving community managers access to the recorded video sessions, automated audio transcripts and sentiment for further analysis.

About CMNTY Corporation

CMNTY Corporation is a global SaaS provider in online communities for qualitative and quantitative research used by brands and market research agencies. For more than a decade, CMNTY’s innovative Do-It-Yourself solution, ensured adoption by the largest companies globally resulting in thousands of communities, each enabling them to connect, engage and understand their audience. CMNTY’s full service offering, from strategy to design and moderation, helps companies to reach full value within the shortest time possible. CMNTY is globally available via its network of research partners or direct in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Reach out at