Operating procedure application marketing (communication)


Why a fixed procedure?

To do all the work for the marketing team properly, it is important to have a fixed working method. That way, the question is clear, we can determine a realistic lead time together, schedule the job and ensure a good result.

Reputations has a limited number of hours available for marketing communication. That is why occurring activities are planned and, if necessary, budgeted additionally.

The marketingteam

Introducing once more. Who are the people you need for…?

Nicole Ebbeling – marketing coordinator – online marketing, funnels, lead generation, online events, website and SEO

Wieke Beltman – content production and design

Fred van Schaik – additional quotations, managing teams and operational back-up

Sven den Boer – marketing automation, online theme campaigns and mailing campaigns

Jos Frijters – strategy and overall supervision

The procedure

The basic principle: you can send all practical requests in the field of marketing and communication (with a briefing) to marcom@marketresponse.nl.

The marketing team assesses your request and, if necessary, engages additional expertise and support from the Reputations team.

The briefing

Small, simple requests (such as a textual change to the website) can be submitted to the team via email (marcom@marketresponse.nl) or in person. These can often be picked up and scheduled ad hoc.

For larger assignments, we ask you to complete a briefing, following a set briefing format. This briefing includes basic questions such as:

  • Client question
  • Objective and target group
  • Desired solution/means
  • Priority/desired deadline
  • Contact person for more information

Naturally, flexibility remains our top priority. Please contact us personally if you have any questions or comments.