February 2020 - Product Update


This month we once again have been adding a lot of functionality to our platform and especially to CMNTY Pulse. Here’s a summary of what’s new.

MoodBoard Release

In case you missed it; we released an exciting new feature this month called MoodBoard. Within CMNTY Platform this is a completely new and innovative way for your community members to co-create ideas and share thoughts and feelings with you.

MoodBoards in Action

Members can use the built-in free stock photo library to find images, or upload images from their desktop or phone.

CMNTY Pulse uses AI to recognize what is depicted in the images. And this information is then used to generate word clouds which you can add to your reports or presentations. It’s pretty neat! So check it out.

Pulse: Auto-Bookmarking Categories

We already had an auto bookmarking feature (which allows you to quickly gather bookmarks using word recognition). All recognized content that was discovered was added to the “auto-bookmarked” category. And this category quickly filled up, basically defeating its whole purpose.

That’s why we are now introducing auto-bookmark categories. You can now set certain keywords per auto-bookmarking category so your content is still auto bookmarked, but also directly added to the right category.

Pulse: Word Cloud Design

We recently added word clouds to CMNTY Pulse and received a lot of positive feedback from you guys, including a couple of nice ideas on how to make them even better.

You can now choose a Font and change the Coloring of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary words in your word cloud. Next, you can download the exact design to add to your report or presentation.

Pulse: Quantitative WordCloud Data

Some clients also expressed they want to know the numbers behind the words in the world cloud. So now, you can hover over each word and see how many times that word was been mentioned. You can now also download the word cloud as a CSV file which will include those numbers.

Pulse: Stop-Words Filtering

Although by default we already filter the most common stop-words like “the” and “a” from your word clouds, there are always words that are specific for your project. Therefor you can now enter your own list of stop-words which will automatically be filtered from your current and future word clouds.

Other Pulse Improvements

We made several smaller improvements to Pulse as well:

  • Ability to see the total number of resolved and unresolved reports.
  • Ability to see bookmarks from all Community Managers at once.
  • Ability to see the number of bookmarks per category.
  • Improved WordCloud filtering system.

What to Expect in March?

At the beginning of March, we have several new solutions for you, Keep an eye on this space for more exciting stuff!