January 2020 - Product Update


We started the year strong by adding several improvements to the platform. Let’s take a look at the most eye catching features, available in CMNTY Platform 6 right now.

Bookmarks-based Word Cloud

CMNTY Pulse already offered the ability to track the most important content using bookmarking. We are now taking bookmarks to the next level by allowing you to create word clouds based off bookmark content. We added a download button so you can add word clouds to your reports or presentations.

Word Cloud Based on Bookmarks

Exportable Insight Graphs

We also added download capabilities to the graphs available on our Insights page.

CMNTY Pulse improvements

We made several improvements to Pulse:

  • It’s now easier to find users as we now also allow using first and last name in search. 
  • Bookmarks from Forum now also display attachments if they are present.
  • We now indicate who resolved a report.
  • You can create bookmark categories from within Pulse and easily move bookmarks to a new category.
Create Bookmark Categories

Domain Blocking

Dealing with spam in your community platform can be time consuming. We already implemented reCAPTCHA which allows you to block spam accounts during registration. Now we are giving you the option to block certain domains or domain extensions. This allows you to — for example — add “spammer.com” as a spam domain. This will make sure that no one with that domain in their email address will be able to register.

What to Expect in February?

We received many requests for an improved Blog module. That’s why in February we will be introducing a complete overhaul of that module. This will include all the great things that recently were introduced in Forum and Challenge, like Threading, Mentioning and formatting your comments.

Haven’t upgraded to Platform 6 yet?

That’s it for this month! We are excited to make this functionality available to you. Haven’t upgraded to Platform 6 yet? Visit our MicroBlog and contact us. And keep an eye on our next releases as well.