Product Update - October 2019


In our original Platform 6 announcement we mentioned that this was going to be a product that would see more regular updates based on customer requests, customer feedback and a strong vision about the future of online communities. Today we are happy to announce the first set of features that have been added to the initial Platform 6 release and are available immediately.

CMNTY Labs: Task List

An exciting new functionality is Task List. Using Task List, you can define tasks for your members and track their progress along the way. This allows Community Managers to pave a clearer path for members to follow. It gives new members a simple overview of where to start and what to do next. And it helps Community Managers review task completion across the community.

As this is part of CMNTY Labs, we are eager to hear your feedback to understand in which direction you believe this new solution should move.

@-Mentioning in Challenge

Following our recent Platform 6 development, we did another iteration on Challenge. Members of the community are now capable of using @-Mentioning in the comments of a Challenge or Idea. This allows for more engagement and quicker interaction between members.

Forum Category Sorting

Recently we introduced categories within Forum to easily group discussion boards together. Based on customer feedback we now made sure that you can easily sort the categories in any order you like. Now you can make sure that your most important content appears at the top!

Click Tracking and Admin Design

We had click tracking for newsletters and an updated admin design available in Labs for a while. As of now, we moved both solutions out of Labs and made it part of your default set of features. If you have enabled newsletter tracking within our platform, it will now automatically include click tracking.

CMNTY Pulse: Copy Bookmarks

We also made it easier for Community Managers to copy their bookmarks. Next to each bookmark, you will find a copy button to copy the text to your clipboard. This makes it easy to quickly share a quote to colleagues or copy the text into a presentation you are preparing.

New Language: Hebrew

As of today, CMNTY Platform is available in Hebrew, which is the 22nd language that has been added to date. We made sure that the entire Platform supports Hebrew, which as you may know is read from Right-to-Left. 

Haven’t Upgraded to Platform 6 Yet?

We are excited to make this functionality available to you. Haven’t upgraded to Platform 6 yet? Visit our MicroBlog and contact us.