Special Promotion: Take Your Qual Research Online Now



For many agencies, these are challenging times because COVID-19 makes face-to-face research more difficult or even impossible. Not only participants are concerned, clients also ask for alternatives.

CMNTY has been supporting agencies and business researchers for more than a decade with conducting online qualitative research. Through innovative software, but also through services such as design, moderation and analysis.

Online — At Home

Bringing qualitative research online offers opportunities. Respondents often share their feedback, story or ideas from their own home as easily as with traditional qualitative research. Often the collected input is even richer!

Access to Millions

Recently CMNTY partnered with Dynata, world’s largest first-party data and insights platform, to make this easier by offering a one stop shop for recruiting and managing communities on CMNTY’s platform with Dynata’s 62 million consumers and business professionals. Especially at this time, reaching your unique audience and staying connected to their needs, wants, and concerns is of utmost importance.

Unique Opportunity

Especially now, it is paramount to reach out to your audience and stay connected to their needs, wants and concerns. Therefore start immediately with CMNTY and do:

Launch an online community with CMNTY Platform within 1 day and for example do:

• Customer Journey research via Digital Journals
• Innovation and co-creation via Online Challenges and MoodBoards
• Packaging research via HeatMaps
• In-depth interviews via Chats and Forums
• Mobile Ethnography via Photo and Video assignments


To support the research world, CMNTY gives twice as much research time for the same price in the months of March and April. So a 1 month license gives you 2 months. 2 months gives you 4 months. Etc. Contact us for a proposal.

Terms & Conditions: Applies to new projects. Professional or Advanced plan. Maximum of 6 months free. Reach out to customize your order. Promo valid through April.