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Our solutions are conveniently priced based on a pay-per-day rate. To make sure things always fit your budget, we also take group size into account. Our price structure is completely transparent and unambiguous. So you will always pay the right price for your use of our solutions and you will know beforehand what the costs will be.

CMNTY Platform

For asynchronous qual studies or continuous communities using discussion boards, diary studies, co-creation challenges, mood boards and more. Calculate the costs for your needs.


Our live video solution for online focus groups and IDIs. Includes functionality for observers, a backroom chat, a whiteboard and automatic transcription.

CMNTY Platform + Focus

Get the best out of our qualitative research solutions. The CMNTY Platform + Focus bundle is available at a discounted rate.

We invite you to calculate the transparent and unambiguous price of our solutions. Fill out this form and get an exact quote. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific needs or questions.

If the price fits your needs and budget, you can order your research solution directly. You can also ask us for a demo.

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