Achmea’s NPS made perfect with MarketResponse Direct Feedback.


In 2013, Achmea issued a tender. They wanted to improve their customer contacts on a continuous basis and were looking for a partner to handle this, using contact evaluations. MarketResponse won the tender and started the evaluation of the phone and email contacts of the health division.

With strong brands like Zilveren Kruis, Centraal Beheer and Interpolis, Achmea is an important player in the insurance world. All labels greatly value customer satisfaction, and all units within Achmea manage for NPS. In MarketResponse, Achmea found its partner to help them raise their customer contacts to a higher level; they have been using MarketResponse Direct Feedback for years, now.

Developing employees

Since then, Achmea has been gathering customer feedback using MarketResponse Direct Feedback. All employees have direct access to the feedback given by customers served by them. It becomes clear at a glance what went well and where there is room for improvement. A great tool for team managers and coaches in supporting the individual development of their people.

In addition, MarketResponse Direct Feedback also gives input for the many different initiatives taken to further improve customer contact and customer processes. The results of pilots of new types of services are visible straight away. This allows Achmea to change tack rapidly to optimize its processes.

Increased NPS

By now, Achmea is evaluating a slew of processes and customer contacts for its health, non-life & income and banking divisions. We are still adding new processes and contact moments. Each year, Achmea receives feedback from over 100,000 customers, based on which they can improve their service. And they have. The NPS that is so important to Achmea has gone up for nearly all contacts and processes measured. In some cases, by over 30 points!

Hans Stommels, Insights & Customer Experience manager at Achmea: “MarketResponse turned out to be good choice. They think along, and they are flexible, for instance if we want to change something in the dashboard. Together we established Direct Feedback within the Achmea organizations and we still work together to make even more of an impact on our customers. Increasing your NPS is not easy, but the insights gathered with MarketResponse Direct Feedback show us the right direction.”